Your dealer profile

This is your main company profile where all the information about your business is displayed. Your customers will see your company logo, description, contact details and website URL in the Dealer Details section.

Collect reviews and respond

Use your Dealer account to discover what customers really think about your company and provide response, showing you care about their buying experience. Identify disaffected customers and work to transform negative experiences into positive ones. Invite the existing customers to leave a review either plain text or video - about your business and increase your star-rating by getting more positive reviews

Product Listings

Precious metals Dealers are allowed to create free Product Listings and promote them on TrustedPMDealers. Published listings displayed in search results, leading potential customers to make purchase directly from the seller's website. A wide range of attributes is available to specify each product listing most accurate: - premium value (over spot / over melt or fixed) - special price (Sale) - price tiers (As Low As) - seller website URL - "Pre-Order" and "Pre-Sale" status - metal type, category, purity and other specifications Tip: To save time and automatically publish product listings we recommend to use plugins or API.

Show up in search by service

Specify the services you provide on your Dealer page, generate new leads and gain more customers. Your company will be displayed in search results every time the customer is looking for a particular service in your location.

Make offers to buying requests

Be notified when a new Bullion Buying Request from a customer comes up. See what product the buyer is looking for and what is their delivery location. Send your offer - the price and the shipping terms - directly to the customer.

Customized TrustBoxes

Display your company rating, TrustScore and reviews on your website using customizable widgets available in your profile. We offer different designs; choose the one that will suit your website best.

TrustedPMDealers Plugins

Connect TrustedPMDealers with your eCommerce platform and start importing your products - easily and quickly


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